Well, here we are again, another edition. I hope you were looking forward to it as much as I was.

If I did my job correctly, when you finished reading our last newsletter, you said something along the lines of … “geez, when does my next issue arrive?” or “how long do I have to wait for the next issue?”

If this sounds familiar, then you experienced another key element in permission-based marketing, especially with email — anticipation.

Create Anticipation
Anticipation is described in the dictionary as follows:

anticipate – to deal with by previous action; to expect; to look forward to; to foresee and provide for.

anticipation – the act of anticipating.

When you can create anticipation for your messages, when your customers, sales leads and readers complain when they DON’T receive your email pieces, then you know you’re doing something right!

If you’ll remember, in last week’s edition I told you what we’d be discussing this week. I also left you hanging by telling you only part of the whole picture. These are both methods of creating anticipation.

Not only did telling you only PART of “the whole story” keep the message short enough that it didn’t overwhelm you, it also created anticipation thus killing two birds with one stone (I like that, very efficient).

Get to the point
There are so many newsletters out there. I subscribe to at least 10 from topics covering web development to marketing and all points in-between. The problem I find is they’re soooo loooong and my time is so short, that I set them aside in a “Must Read” email file … and never get back to them.

What good is that? If I don’t read the newsletter I cannot share what I’ve learned (or more to the point, from whom I’ve learned it), I cannot click-thru, I cannot become a paying customer and the newsletter has become totally ineffective.

It’s not the information’s fault, I’m sure what is contained therein is highly valuable to me, but I just don’t have the time or patience because I’m from the fast-food era – If I can’t do it on the go, I’ll save it for never.

What about you? I’m interested in hearing your viewpoints on these and any issues discussed in this newsletter. Who knows, I could include you and your question/comment in my next edition.

Until next time, be safe, happy and productive.

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