Designing for Print vs. Web

Graphic Designers and Web Designers (or Developers) are two entirely different “animals.” Sometimes you’ll find a person or firm who can do both, but often, they do not cross fields. Usually it’s a graphic design or marketing firm that has the in-house...

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

When you are a new business, or a small business, money is always tight. Many businesses such as yours, for reasons of their own, tend to limit what they’ll spend on sales and marketing to save money. What they should be doing is increasing those budgets. The more...
Printing Secrets

Printing Secrets

“Oh my … you are soooo thrifty!!!” Get it inexpensively, on a budget, while still looking like you didn’t cut corners … there are many secrets to obtaining this goal. KEEP IT IN-HOUSE!!! One of the first things I stress to any small business, especially those just...

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