When you are a new business, or a small business, money is always tight. Many businesses such as yours, for reasons of their own, tend to limit what they’ll spend on sales and marketing to save money. What they should be doing is increasing those budgets. The more effective your sales and marketing efforts, the more customers you will bring in which means the more money you’ll have to work with.

If you build it they will come … probably the most deceptive cliché’s in human history. How can “they” come if they don’t know it exists? How can they come if they don’t know why they would want to?

This does not mean to say … spend it all … spend it all!!! You can build an effective identity, powerful marketing collateral and superior messaging without breaking the bank. All you need is the right “partner” to help you on that path. To provide to you high-quality, professional results with the knowledge and experience of how to do so without spending a fortune.

Who Am I Looking For?

The right “business partner” will know about marketing, will have sales experience, will be a graphic artist and a website designer, will know the printing industry and how to leverage options to your advantage, they will know how to help you create your message in a way that will engage your customer and help them want to speak to you further (better yet, make them want to buy) … but most importantly, they will know how to give you what you need, the powerful identity your business needs to sell … while saving you time and money!

I cannot urge you enough to find this person, whoever he or she may be. Build a relationship with them. Think of that person as your business partner, a part of your team, as they should think of you.

When you have the right designer/marketer in your back pocket, the world is your oyster.

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