“Are you a creature of habit?”

The more you can standardize the more options you have to save money AND you represent such a clear concise message from one piece of material to the next that your audience will begin to know and understand you, and your message, very well.

The quality of the design and message you present will enable your audience to form an opinion in their minds of whether or not your message is one they want to read based on who you are and how important you are to them.  BUT, the consistency of your design and message will build a lasting connection in their minds, enabling your entire platform to resonate within their thought processes without doing more than glancing at it.  It’s consistency in the visual and the wording that builds trust and builds brands … no, not just brands, household names!

So that’s all great, but …

Their are other things you can do with a consistent message that will save you money too! 

Think of it this way … if there is some part of your piece, that no matter what product or service you are discussing, is ALWAYS in the same spot, or displayed the same way, maybe uses the same colors, background graphics, logo(s) or wording … you can have that portion pre-printed in large quantities and stored at the print shop.  Your print shop will use your “blanks,” as we call them in the printing industry, as your “paper stock” and imprint your current message on top of the previously printed standardized elements.  This works especially well for business cards at companies with a lot of employees and/or a large turn-over of them (or better yet, with employees that re-order often).  It’s like printing your own specialty papers for your own future use.

As with most things, the more you purchase, the less you pay per piece. So, for example, if 10 photocopies are 25 cents each, 100 might be 15 cents each, 500 – 8 cents … until you ultimately get down to around 3 cents per copy. In some cases, probably down to a single cent per copy depending upon the print vendor, the equipment and the quantity.  But, if you’re not going to use those quantities, there’s no point in racking up the large up-front bill.

Digital printing (or in laymen’s terms, photocopying) gives us so many new options for our printing needs and indeed, in this day and age, printing is less used.

I put forth to you though, that with printed collateral being more rare than it once was, that it could make an even bigger impact on your potential client than your competitor who only delivers digitally.  It can show a sense of caring, give your potential client the sense that they are so very important that they warranted the extra effort and attention to detail.  T\I believe that could make an even bigger impression in this day and age than just a few years ago before digital mediums were so prevalent.  Just a thought ;).

All my best,
Tracy Renee
iMoogi Enterprises, LLC.

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