Permission-based marketing is usually considered synonymous with email marketing but this is not really the case.

Permission-based marketing is a lifestyle if you will … it’s a way of thinking, of looking at things and of business practices, not just marketing practices.

When engage in Permission-Based Marketing, you’re creating relationships with your contacts. These relationships over time will blossom into sales, but (and now we get to the first “What You Need” item on the list) … you must have patience and the will-power of follow-through.

So, what’s #1 on the list … PATIENCE.
I have clients who have been with me since 1988 when I first started my career in the printing industry. It is now 2002 and they are still with me doing all the same business they did then … AND THEN SOME. They opt-in to my other services as well as the graphic design and printing they are used to. Why? Because we have built a relationship of trust. They trust me to do a great job and I trust them to pay me (to put the simplest point on it).

#2 on the list is … FOLLOW-THROUGH.
Having clients for that long of a time can sometimes be managed by the client, but to be truly successful at Permission-based marketing, you need to set a regular routine of contact — this is known as Follow-Through or Follow-Up. Without this, there would never be a sale.

If you promise your client you’ll send them something you read that you thought they’d be interested in … make sure you do it. Send them birthday cards, holiday cards, Happy Friday cards … you name it. Keep in front of them at least once a month — without trying to SELL them anything, be interested in their good days and bad days, be a shoulder when they need to vent, share your own personal anecdotes and you begin to build a relationship.

What else, there must be more to it than this …
Well there is, but to find out more you’ll need to read our next edition. Wow, is that a great mind job or what. I suppose you can learn something from a Science Fiction TV Series … “keep ’em primed ’till the next season.”

Seriously though, I don’t want to overwhelm you with a mile-long newsletter. Short-sweet-simple and to the point I always say. The new format of things.

Hmmm, there’s #3 … “KISS” “Keep It Simple Stupid.”
Sometimes the less you say, the more your words will mean.

Until next time, be safe, happy and productive.

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